Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok, so we've had a busy summer so far. Both kids took swim lessons at the rec center. Trin had a recital and is moving up a class in dance. Also she is getting ready for Kindergarden! We just need the dentist visit witch she keeps trying to get me to put off.(she hates the dentist)
Vincent is really good at sports. Its so funny how one child can trip over their own feet while another is very cordinated. Vincent is our athlete and Trinity is our scholar.
Mark is doing well at work. Dad is still out of work. He's planning to retire in October, after his birthday.
Kids are running around crazy gotta go.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The big 40

So monday is my handsome hubby's 40ith birthday. I know he dosn't even look it right. Any who, he is way into fishing these day's so Friday he and I went shopping for a new fishing pole. One reason was his birthday, the other last year while fishing after dark he forgot one on the bank of whatever fishing spot he was at. Tell me how is it that every hobbie there is has so much stuff, that costs so much!
Anyway the exciting thing is that after we got said fishing pole plus fish scale. We went to a local furniture store and got a new living room set for our upstairs that we redid and never really funished. Mark is getting a really sweet bonus next month or we would not have been able to get it. So yay. Plus Monday my sister is going to babysit so we can have an evening out.